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Tellico Village Organization Directory

Active community is the hallmark of Tellico Village. Below is our list of the clubs, organizations and non-profit service organizations in and around the Village.  

  • To change / add / remove your  information from this list, please contact us at [email protected]g. Inclusion in this list is free to organizations serving Tellico Village. We do not post for profit business entries in this directory. 
  • TellicoLife participating clubs and organizations are listed at the beginning of each alpha section and highlighted in blue. 
  • Organizations who participate in TellicoLIfe at the Blue or above level can post items on the TellicoLIfe Event Calendar.  Click here to submit an Event using the Calendar Submission Form.

Is your club or organization interested in participating in TellicoLife?  There are multiple levels available to meet your needs.  Contact Us to discuss your Club or Organization's specific interests. 

4 Paws Food Pantry 1st Thursday 10AM. March through October
Chris Britton (865) 458-0060
American Wine Society - Smoky Mountain Chapter  
Art Guild of Tellico Village  
Tellico Lake Amateur Radio Club (TLARC) Mike McMillan, KD9DCW, [email protected], (630) 696-2874
Mike Wagner, KK6OKU, [email protected] (865) 742-9200
Mike Foley, K4MJF, [email protected], (865) 567-1859
American Legion Tellico Lake Post 256  Tony Adams, [email protected], (865) 884-3024

Karen Hamerslag: [email protected] or (352) 219-2046

Tellico Village Broadcasting Every Tuesday 9AM.  210 Chota Road, above the fire station. Stop by one of our weekly meetings, meet the crew. Watch a recording session and more. Visitors welcome.
Badminton Club Check at front desk for schedule
Patty Malone, (865) 458-7937
Beer Club Phil Geyer, [email protected]
Beta Sigma Pi Doris Milne (865) 408-3075
Bible Study - Women's Geri Denney (865) 406-2505 First Baptist Church
Bible Study - Women's Kahite Malinda Feigenhour (423)884-2568, [email protected]
Bird Watching Clare Manzo (865) 657-9880
Bluebird Society (Valley Chapter TBS) Harriet & Bill Hartman (865) 458-6022, [email protected]
Bluegrass Jam 1st & 3rd Wednesday 7PM
Andy Hadjan (865) 657-9465
America's Boating Club - Knoxville Tom Dietrich (865) 657-9190
American Boating Club US Power Squadron Bob Mattison (843) 504-8271
Book Club - Women's Bette Purvis (865) 458-8070
Bridge - Village People Mondays 6PM; Tom Paul (865) 458-3299, [email protected]
Fridays 1PM 
Pete Misslin (423) 884-3550, [email protected]
Bridge - Duplicate - Ladies 3rd & 4th Thursday 12:30 PM at Chota
Linda Roberts (865) 458-1034
Bridge in Kahite 1st & 3rd Monday 1PM
Sandy Karrick (423) 884-3827, [email protected]
Bridge Lessons Gary Crawford (865) 657-9284, [email protected]
British Car Club Jere Krieg (865) 755-3099


Tellico Car Club TCC  
Tellico Community Foundation  
Tellico Community Players  See current plays on the TellicoLife website
Tellico Village Computer Users Club (TVCUC) 1st Tuesday 7:00 pm to 8:45 pm in the Christian Life Center,  Community Church at Tellico Village.  Check TellicoLife calendar for specifics.
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church  
Community Church at Tellico Village  
Conservative Club of Tellico  
Computer Club: MAC Users Karen Brown, (865) 271-8536
California Club of Tellico Village John Barrett  (865) 964-8799, [email protected]
Carving Club William Kuebler (865) 657-9706
Chelsea (Golf Reservations)  
Christian Men's Fellowship Breakfast Thursdays at 8:00 am at Little Italy Restaurant; Non Denominational; Bob Ericson (865) 458-9877, [email protected] or Larry Denney at (865) 250-9692 [email protected]
Christian Women's Connection Nancy Christensen (423) 371-0345
Chrysler Retirees Club Jean Riech (865) 458-9782
Citizens Observer Patrol (COPs) Jerry Schwartz (865) 458-5193, [email protected]

Kathy Kutschera (865) 408-3092, [email protected]

Coin Club of TV Jim Schoffstall, [email protected]
Crafters at the Community Church Trish Willis (423) 519-8188, [email protected]
Crafting in Kahite JoAnn Osmun (875) 771-0669, [email protected]
Tellico Cruising Club   2nd Wednesday 6PM - Yacht Club
Commander 2021 - Glen Martin (423) 284-8392, [email protected]
Democrats Club - Living Blue in the Village               
Dancing: Social Wendy & Craig Cochran (614) 325-8129, [email protected]
Dancing: Footloose  Line Dancing Club Wendy & Craig Cochran (614) 325-8129, [email protected]
Dancing:  Footloose Line Dancing Club  
Dock Captains (Marine Advisory Committee) Bob Milligan (865) 657-9148
Dragon Boating of Tellico Lake Ginger McDonald, (937) 974-2516, [email protected]
Mountain Echoes Dulcimer Club

Ben D’Ooge, [email protected]

ETNProtonguys.com Peter Kraslawsky, (865) 964-5558, [email protected]
Tom Benkamp (865) 599-6645, [email protected]
Euchre Club 1st & 3rd Wednesday 6:30 PM
Ed & Darlene Hofer (865) 657-5085
First Baptist Church of Tellico Village  
Tellico Village Fishing Club Dave Johnson / 970-590-0756
Tellico Village Volunteer Fire Department  
Ford Motor Retirees Club  Bart Hogarth, (734) 756-6619, [email protected]
Friends of the Library Liz Hall, (865) 657-9542, [email protected]
Garden Club of Tellico Village  
GFWC Tellico Village Women's Club  
Good Samaritan of Loudon County  
Golf - Ladies Golf Association 18-Hole League Contact Julie Langlas at [email protected]
Genealogy Club  Bob Mugge, (865) 458-2544, [email protected]
Girl Scout Alumni Gail Yook, (865) 408-2591
Golf - Lady Linksters Adam Jacob - Toqua Pro Shop (865) 458-6546
Golf - Ladies Golf Association 9-Hole League  
Golf - Men's Golf Association  
Golf - Men's Rainbow Linksters 9-Hole Ned MacDonald, 865) 458-9505
Guitar Club of TV

10:30am Intermediate; 11:30am Advanced; 12:30pm Beginner Fridays at the Yacht Club

Rich Grech, (865) 408-1569, [email protected]

Muddy Boots Hiking Club  Carol Gilles (860) 917-8852, [email protected]
TV Hikers  John Winn, [email protected]
Home Owners Association of Tellico Village (865) 657-1405, [email protected]
East Lakeshore Trail Hikers Larry Elder, (865) 657-9722, [email protected]
Hand & Foot Cards Kahite Mike & Beth Maupin, (423) 884-7447, [email protected]
 Illinois Club  Linda Klein (865) 973-7233, [email protected]
Jewish Social Club of Tellico Village Grace Lewis (674) 476-5516, [email protected]
Kiwanis Club of Tellico Village  
Kahite First Responders Barry Clark (423) 884-2615, [email protected]
Kahite Coffee Club Angie Day (423) 884-2159
Kahite Women’s Organization  Lavonne Mitchell (423) 404-8284
Knitters / Crochet Mary Alice Cummings ((352) 394-1292, [email protected]
Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show  
The Public Library at Tellico Village  
Lions Club of Tellico Village  
Mah Jongg 1st Thursday 9:30 AM;  Janice Peregay (865) 458-0188
2nd Friday 9:30 AM; Paula Katchan (865) 657-9145
Kahite - Wednesdays 1PM; Mindy Laverty (330) 464-4436, [email protected]
Mah Jongg - Open Play at Chota Rec Center  Chota Rec Center 
1st & 3rd Monday of each month, 1 to 4 pm
Every Wednesday of each month,  12:30 to 3:30 pm
No food, bring something to drink and game. Please wear name tag.
Additional info contact Carolyn Neely (865) 458-1323
Men's Bible Study Fellowship (interdenominational) Steve Riser (865) 458-1400
Michigan Club Jerry Halkey (865) 458-4190
Tellico Village Model Railroading Club Larry Burkholder (865) 408-9903, [email protected]
Tellico Riders Motorcycle Club Carl Bye (865) 851-3755, [email protected]
Neighborhood Watch Mark Kovar (847) 209-6961
New Villagers Monthly Social: 1st Thursday of the month at Tellico Village Yacht Club.  

Register online for either the 5:00 pm or 6:30 pm session. 

New Comers - Moving On after Moving In Bobbi Seier (630) 740-0726, [email protected]
 TV Naturalists Lynda Parker (865) 603-0466, [email protected]
 NJ Rocks in Tellico Village Suzy Holcomb (865) 657-9052, [email protected]
New York Staters Fred Gibson, , (865) 458-0851
 Our Place Adult Day Center [email protected]
Pickleball Club  
Panhel Group Bev Kellogg (865) 458-9400, [email protected]
Pahnel Group Marcie Strickland, (865) 458-8038
Just for fun Photography Steve Olson, [email protected] or [email protected]
Pinochle 1st Tuesday 6:45 pm Chota
Babs Mayberry, (865) 458-9619
Pinochle Lessons Babs Mayberry, (865) 458-9619
Polish Heritage Club Ed Koziara (865) 657-9296, [email protected]
Village Players Debbie Mayberry (865) 458-7929
Village Pool Players Earle Overby (630) 240-1856
Village Quilters [email protected] 
Roadrunners RV Club  
Rotary Club of Tellico Lake  See our website for current calendar
Rover Run Dog Park
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Support Group   Find us on Facebook
Retired Military Club (TVRMC)  Pat Clemens (414) 745-3544, [email protected]

Suzy Holcomb (865) 657-9052, [email protected]

Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church   
Smoky Mountain Service Dogs  
Soggy Bottom Kayakers  
St Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church  
STAYinTV  (865) 458-7084
Scrapbook Club Linda Goodman (865) 408-1178, [email protected]
Shop Tellico Village  
Silver Tarpons Swim Team Holly Seguine, 847-867-1304, [email protected]
TV Singers Jan Sampson (630) 207-1040
Tellico Village Single Baby Boomers  [email protected]
Softball John Hunter (865) 300-6058, [email protected]
TV Solos Club  
Tellico Sportsman's Association Bob Ratcliffe (865) 408-3134
Support Group: Alcoholics Anonymous Community Church (865) 458-1516
Shepherd of the Lake Church (865) 816-4756
Support Group: Al-Anon Community Church (865) 458-1516
Support Group: Cancer Hope First Baptist Church (865) 408-0110
Support Group: Cancer Hope Lynne MacConnell (865) 657-9988
Support Group: Cancer Share First Baptist Church (865) 408-0110
Support Group: Cancer (Women's) Marcia Kowalski (865) 458-0702
Support Group: Caregivers Lynne MacConnell (865) 657-9988
Support Group: Grief Marcie Strickland (865) 458-8038
Support Group: Grief Bob Kryter (865) 458-8038
Support Group: Guy to Guy Chuck Hitch (865) 408-2531
Support Group: Parkinson's Marian Smith (865) 408-1390
Support Group: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Suzy Holcomb (865) 657-9052, [email protected]
Tanasi Cove Villas Owners Club  
Tellico Village Tennis Club TVTC  
TimeLess Tellico Foundation  
Tai-Chi Julie LaFrance (865) 242-0563
Table Tennis (Chota) Roger Goldsmith, (865) 657-9833
(Kahite) Herb Perry, (423) 884-6317
T-BART - Tellico Boaters Assistance Response Team John Hirzel (865) 458-1322, [email protected]
Thyme for Herbs Kathy Dooley (415) 304-7772, [email protected]
TOPs - Take Pounds off Sensibly Marie Decess (865) 458-3703, [email protected]
United Way of Loudon County  
US Coast Guard Auxiliary Carol Hitchcock-Weir (812) 720-0356, [email protected]
Tom Jumer (937) 271-9043
 Tellico Village University  Marilyn Olander (520) 465-3171


 Village Vettes Corvette Club  
Tellico Village VFW Post 12135  
Veteran Honor Guard Mike Schack (423) 519-0743
Tellico Village Woodworkers Club

1st Thursday of the month on the top floor of the Tellico Village Yacht Club at 7pm. Board meetings are  8:15 a.m. at Little Italy restaurant, two Saturdays prior to the general meeting. 

Walk & Talk

Shirley Menzies (865) 408-9831

Mondays: 8am meet at the corner of Chatuga Dr. and Tsuhdatsi Way in Chatuga Point

Tuesdays: 8am meet at the corner of Cheestana Ln and Cheestana Way

Wednesdays: 8am meet in the Yacht Club parking lot 

Thursdays: 8am meet at the corner of Oostagala lane and Oostagala Trace in Mialaquo

Fridays: 8am meet at the corner of Tanasi Way and Okmulgee Cir in Tanasi Coves

Saturdays: 8am meet at Chatuga Dr W near The Neighborhood parking lot

Wallyball Terry Pearcy (865) 657-9664
Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WaTER) Bill Waldrop (865) 458-0506, [email protected]
Weight Watchers Every Thursday 3:00 pm, Chota Room D
Sandi Pitcher (978) 621-7315, [email protected]