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Tellico Village Tennis Club


Who We Are:

Game, Set, Match! Welcome to the Tellico Village Tennis Club (TVTC), where love for tennis is served daily! With over 240 players rallying in Tellico Village, our club offers a smashing experience on and off the courts.

Ace your game with access to 4 Har-Tru courts at the Tellico Village Wellness Center, 4 hard courts at the Chota Recreation Center, and 1 hard-court at Kahite. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just getting into the swing of things, TVTC serves up a variety of opportunities to volley into action. From mixed doubles leagues to challenging ladder play, there's a match for every skill level.

Don't let the opportunity past you—join TVTC today and let's hit the courts together! The goal of the TVTC is to create opportunities to have fun playing tennis in Tellico Village.  The club organizes mixed doubles leagues, challenge ladder play, and men’s and women’s open tennis.  We have opportunities to play as a team against the team from Fairfield Glades community.  We also have social events including field trips to the University of Tennessee to watch some of the top men and women college players in the country compete.

 For those that may have not played for some time, we offer a Rusty Racquets program.  This program assists players in brushing up on their skills and easing back into the game.

 Tellico Village Tennis Skills and Drills, sponsored by the Tellico Village Tennis Club offered to current TVTC members.  Skills and Drills, a new series of tennis lessons sponsored by TVTC, helps tennis players learn about and enhance their tennis skills. Skills and Drills exist for Tellico Village intermediate and advanced tennis players (players at the club level) wanting to improve their tennis game. Skills and Drills, a free benefit of TVTC club membership, is led by local tennis players, just like you. 

Membership Information

To become a club member or to obtain more information about the club, contact Maribeth Krawczyk at   [email protected]. Annual membership is only $10.00.

Tellico Village Tennis Club (TVTC) on TellicoLife

Upcoming Tellico Village Tennis Club (TVTC) events can be viewed on the TellicoLife calendar.  For a full listing of past and upcoming activities, click on "Event List" and then enter "TVTC" in the search category.

Tennis Links

To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/tellico-village-tennis-club-tvtc