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Tellico Boaters Assistance Response Team


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More Than 20 Years Assisting Boaters on Tellico Lake
Responding sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year.
If you are stranded on Tellico Lake

 Dial 911

The 911 dispatchers will contact T-BART and a boat will be sent to assist you.  
Please keep your cell phone on so that the T-BART Captain can contact you.
Yes, it's OK to dial 911 for T-BART on-water assistance.
T-BART has cooperative agreements with the Loudon and Monroe county 911 centers.

Our Mission: 

  • To respond to requests for non-medical/non-emergency assistance from boaters on Tellico Lake.
  • To promote boating safety and to undertake activities that contribute to boating safety on Tellico Lake.
  • To assist emergency response agencies when requested.

For videos of our activities please click on the following:

About T-BART

T-BART is a non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] composed of volunteers from communities around Tellico Lake in both Loudon and Monroe counties in Tennessee.  The organization works closely with the local city and county emergency response agencies to provide non-medical/non-emergency assistance to stranded boaters, thus freeing those agencies for their more critical roles.  T-BART performs this service at no charge to boaters and relies on member dues, donations, and an annual Bratfest fundraiser for funding.  Click Here for More About Us.

Connect with T-BART

Use these links to learn more and connect with T-BART

  • Lake Orientations   T-BART provides several Lake Orientations annually. These free public seminars include descriptions of Tellico Lake, potential boating hazards on the lake, general boating safety information, key services around the lake, such as marinas and ramps, as well as boating organizations active on Tellico Lake.  Open to the public. 

Because of demand, pre-registration is required
Click Here to pre-register for Lake Orientations

  • Membership    If you are interested in boating and would like to provide a valuable service to boaters on Tellico Lake, become a T-BART member.  You can join as either a Captain or a Crew, depending on your interests and boating experience.
  • Courtesy Tows  Courtesy tows are a pre-arranged  tow of a non-operational boat from a safe harbor (e.g., a dock) to another safe harbor (e.g., a marina or launch ramp).  Click the Courtesy Tow link to contact a T-BART Captain and schedule a Courtesy Tow. 
T-BART assists are typically the tow of a stranded boat from the open water on the lake
to a safe harbor, such as a dock or launch ramp.  
If you are stranded out on the lake and need assistance dial 911.
  • T-BART Events  T-BART events include our Bratfest, member training, club meetings and socials. 
Bratfest:  May 2, 2022
Get tickets from your T-BART member
Lake Orientations
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How we use TellicoLife

We use TellicoLife to market and inform residents in and around TellicoLife about T-BART.  Events of wide interest (Bratfest) and events requiring pre-registration are contained in the TellicoLife calendar. 
For the comprehensive information about T-BART, visit our website at www.t-bart.org
To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/t-bart
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