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"Helping Our Members Untangle Technology"

Our Mission

The Tellico Village Computer Users Club (TVCUC) is a state-registered 501c3 non-profit organization. We were founded to provide our members a forum to enhance their practical understanding and ability to use personal computer systems and technology devices. Our goal is to help members operate and maintain their personal computers, networks, and devices in a safe and effective manner, consistent with the evolving standards of computer technology and security.

 We Are Accepting Donations!

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We realize there are many 501c3 organizations competing for your charitable donations. But please take a moment to consider the primary reason we solicit donations is to help fund our Technology Access Program (TAP). This community outreach program (explained more below) puts computers into the homes of needy children and families.

The TAP program has been going strong since 2007 because of your donations and grants by local and national organizations and businesses. Click here to learn more about TAP.


Membership in the TVCUC is $20.00 annually
This includes all individuals residing in the same household!

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Monthly meetings have been suspended due to the pandemic. Instead of scheduled monthly meetings, and based on the recommendations of our members, we are adding Zoom presentations that members can access and view at their leisure from our website. These presentations will include topics of current interest, How-Tos, and PowerPoint presentations on various technology topics. If you have a suggestion for a topic of interest, send an email to [email protected]. In April 2021, we will begin hosting live Zoom presentations.

Mac Special Interest Group

The Mac Special Interest Group is an active club subset that discusses and has presentations on topics related to the Apple environment. These topics are both software and hardware related, and cover the various Apple operating systems and incorporated software. The Mac SIG leader sends members a monthly email containing useful tips and tricks based on all Apple products. Meetings and presentations are currently done via Zoom. This group is an excellent resource for both new and veteran Mac users.

First Level Support

Our Club Members receive no-charge support to resolve computer software and connection problems. We continue to assist members as before, but now we can do even more…and respond faster! One of the good fall-outs of the pandemic is how we’ve implemented remote device support. Our FLS team has the capability to remotely access and resolve software and operating system problems using TeamViewer. Having this installed on your computer before you have a problem makes it much easier for FLS to solve it. If you haven’t done so already, please install TeamViewer. Instructions for both Windows and Mac are available here.

To get First Level Support, Members can submit a request or call our Support Hot Line at: (865) 408-8223 and leave a message.


Our expanded member education services include instructional articles, video presentations and how-to’s for every aspect of your digital world. Included is information on Windows and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets and peripheral devices. We also address password management, anti-virus and ransomware protection and best computing practices. These educational materials primarily focus on the most common problems our members currently have with technology. These materials are self-help articles and virtual presentations that will always be available for subsequent viewing or download on our website.

If you would like to be a part of our ongoing educational efforts, send us an email.


 The TVCUC is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization that is governed by a member-elected board of directors. The board is supported by a large core group of volunteers who support the club’s primary efforts of First Level Support, Member Education, and our Technology Access Program. The board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month via Zoom.

 A complete list of officers, directors and committees is available on our website.


Communications with our members are handled primarily via our website, our monthly Newsletter, printed materials and on the TellicoLife website. In addition, ‘Flash’ emails are sent for important reminders and news items of immediate interest. We also maintain a presence on the primary social media networks and we invite you to join us by clicking any of the images below.



The Tellico Village Computer Users Club is seeking volunteers in several areas. If you would like to join the active core group that keeps TVCUC running, please send an email to [email protected].

Board of Directors – We occasionally have an opening for a director-at-large. If you have a working knowledge of technology and also the business skills to help manage the daily business of the TVCUC, please let us know.

Editor – Our Education Committee is seeking someone with Microsoft Word and editing skills to transform newly-created technology articles and PowerPoint presentations to follow the TVCUC Microsoft Word Stylesheet. A good understanding of grammar and writing is necessary. If this sounds interesting to you, send us an email.

Writer – If you're passionate about writing and have some computing and technical skills, we have a place for you. The TVCUC is building a repository of computing and technology articles, as well as PowerPoint presentations to help our members learn more about their technology devices, software and operating systems. If this sounds like you – email us.

Technology Access Program

The Technology Access Program (TAP) is a community outreach program of the Tellico Village Computer Users Club. TAP restores and gives away computer systems to needy families in our greater community. Donating used computer equipment and peripherals is an excellent way to recycle and at the same time make a contribution to TAP. If you have a donation, please call: (865) 332-5313 or email [email protected]. Donations of equipment can be brought to our TAP office. Click here to learn more about TAP.

Technology Access Program
244 Lakeside Plaza
Loudon, TN 37774
(TAP is located in the lower level of building number 2)

Contact Us
Tellico Village Computer Users Club | 244 Lakeside Plaza | Loudon, TN 37774