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How secure is TellicoLife?

By now you’ve heard that your some TellicoLife clubs are accepting credit cards for membership and event sign-ups.  There are lots of positive reasons for doing this – and one of the most important is because credit card use is efficient and saves time for the volunteers who run your club. 

But what about the security of your credit card experience on TellicoLife?

TellicoLife is committed to providing you with a secure online experience that protects your confidential information. 

Here are some of the TellicoLife security measures:  We are built on internet software from MemberClicks.  MemberClicks is a leading internet service provider powering over 1,500 associations – from large professional societies to associations like us.  We benefit from their 20+ years of innovation and responsibility.  MemberClicks maintains PCI Level 1 compliance, the highest level of compliance in the credit card industry.  Your credit card data is encrypted, and your credit card information is NEVER stored on TellicoLife.

For more information on our security and privacy policies, visit us at www.tellicolife.org.

So is TellicoLife Secure?