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To ensure thoughtful and well-targeted gifting, the TCF has identified the following high impact focus areas for future grantmaking. These areas were identified by a series of studies and assessments with an emphasis on unmet needs. 



One of the primary benefits of the TCF affiliation with East Tennessee Foundation is the ability to gain access to research and a program evaluation team. ETF staff has expertise in the analyses of requests to identify the most promising programs and projects. The team searches within communities, regionally, statewide, and nationally for innovative approaches to community problems and connect organizations that are working on common problems to maximize their effectiveness. This way, donors are assured that their charitable dollars are “gifted” to the best organizations and most worthwhile causes. 

For a 10-minute overview of TCF, its relationship with the East Tennessee Foundation and a summary of recent grants, visit our YouTube video at

Future TCF grants will use a structured grant solicitation, application, review, and award process administered by East Tennessee Foundation with guidance from the TCF Advisory Board. The TCF Advisory Board identifies and evaluates local community needs through studies, focus groups, networking with other charitable groups, and open forums. In addition, TCF coordinates with other charitable organizations in the community to ensure maximum impact is achieved. TCF reviews and evaluates grant proposals, making a recommendation of the grants to be awarded. 

Interested in applying for a grant from the TCF? Complete a 100-word grant request and e-mail it to: [email protected]


The Tellico Community Foundation is committed to confronting many of today’s most salient community needs.  Grantmaking by TCF focuses on enriching Tellico Village and the counties of Loudon and Monroe; supporting seniors; addressing the opioid crisis and furthering childhood literacy.