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Tellico Community Foundation & Lenoir City Schools Family Resource Center


The Lenoir City Schools Family Resource Center (LCFRC) is the link between the home, school, agencies, and community.  The LCFRC assists children and their families who attend Lenoir City Elementary, Lenoir City Middle, and Lenoir City High School.

The Center is dedicated to the concept of non-threatening assistance to families and children in learning about and accessing services available to them. The staff provides information, informal counseling, and can develop specific services to meet the needs of a child or family.

In October, 2018 Susan Fox was pleased when she got the call from the Tellico Community Foundation informing her that the Lenoir City School System was the latest recipient of a grant from the TCF for the “Let’s TALK” early childhood literacy project. Fox is the Director of LCFRC.  

Fox leads the core team behind the “Let’s TALK” project that also includes Lenoir City Elementary Principal Don Maloney, preschool lead teacher Melody Hobbs, parent educator Linda Tillery and LCFRC Assistant Wendy Stooksbury. 

According to Fox, learning begins at birth and the brain develops more in the first five years than at any other time during a person’s life. Deficits in early literacy and math begin well before kindergarten with skill gaps widening along family income lines from as early as 9 months of age and growing exponentially by 24 months. 

 Principal Maloney further commented, “Research has demonstrated that early literacy and math skills at kindergarten entry predict future academic success. That’s why we are excited about the TCF grant. It will help in a critical area.” TCF’s initial grant will provide $500 for the purchase of bilingual books for children in the 0-4 age group to facilitate school readiness. 

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 The mission of the Tellico Community Foundation is to enrich the Loudon and Monroe County communities by funding programs and projects that provide support for seniors and promote healthy childhood development. 

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The Tellico Community Foundation is an affiliate fund of the East Tennessee Foundation.