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TVCUC First Level Support


TVCUC Members receive free support to resolve software, network, and peripheral problems with their computers, tablets and smart phones. 

If you have a TellicoLife userid and password, please log in now. In order to receive this support, you must be both a member of TellicoLife and of TVCUC.

Please review the following information prior to submitting the TVCUC First Level Support form.

Your current TVCUC Membership status is:  . If this does not show  'TVCUC - Member 2023' or 'TVCUC - Member 2024', you will need to join TVCUC prior to accessing First Level Support.

Your TellicoLife member type: You are currently listed as a member type of ' ' in our TellicoLife database.

  • If your member type is 'blank', you are not a current TellicoLife Member, please join TellicoLife before you try to join TVCUC or access First Level Support..
  • If your member type is 'Prospect', please contact [email protected] to have your membership updated to be a 'TellicoLife Member'.  You will not be able to join TVCUC unless you are updated to be a 'TellicoLife Member'.
  • Once you have been updated to be a 'TellicoLife Member', you will be able to submit the TVCUC Membership Form AND, once you are a TVCUC member, you can request TVCUC First Level Support.

 Complete the TVCUC First Level Support Request