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Conservative Club of Tellico

Who We Are:

Conservative Club of Tellico consists of over 1400 members living in Tellico Village and the surrounding area.  Formed in 2019, originally as a way for like-minded neighbors to connect, this club has grown into a dynamic organization that hosts weekly keynote speakers, engages in local and state politics, shares pertinent information on legislation and also has a weekly radio program to share news in the local listening area.  Community minded and also creators of the Loudon County Sheriff’s Benevolent Fund, CCT members support a wide range of conservative initiatives.


Support and Preserve Conservative Values

To Engage People to Initiate Action


Join Us:

To sign up and receive our weekly email with calendar of events and upcoming speakers and activities, contact our membership chair or email us at [email protected] .
Please join our group on Next Door, Conservative Club of Tellico, to interact with neighbors, share current articles and upcoming events. There is an additional women’s group on Next Door: Women’s Auxiliary of CCT.
Three Ways To Join:

  1. Email us at [email protected]
  2. Join us on Next Door: Conservative Club of Tellico
  3. Attend our weekly meeting on Wednesday, 8:30am at Little Italy



 Meetings & Events:

We meet every Wednesday morning at Little Italy (316 Lakeside Plaza) at 8:30am for “Coffee with Conservatives”.  Coffee or breakfast buffet available.   Events are posted to our weekly email and in Next Door.


 Board of Directors:

  • President – Rick Dramm
  • Vice President – Penny Manczko
  • Treasurer – Ed Heilman
  • Secretary – Joanna Verschaeve
  • Public Relations – Curt Jason

Committee Chairs:

  • Communication – Jayne Miller
  • Membership – Mike Blackwell
  • Preparedness – Kevin and Marita Kelly
  • Social Events – Lori Dramm
  • Patriotism/Spiritual – Jim and Marcia Bottenhorn
  • Tennessee Legislation – Kim Brown



Conservative Club on TellicoLife:

Events and meetings posted to the Tellico Life Event Calendar can be found using the "Search" function and the abbreviation CCT.



To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/conservative-club-of-tellico