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TellicoLife Volunteers

The leadership of Tellico Village’s largest clubs have partnered to deliver an exciting online membership and activity management system for all Villagers -- TellicoLife.   Our vision is to become the one place - one website - one calendar where you can find what’s happening in Tellico Village, sign-up for events, and manage your membership in all your clubs or organizations. 

TellicoLife is run entirely by volunteers. This means we are always looking for people who would like to get involved in helping grow and maintain the event calendar and information about our clubs and organizations.

The following documents describe some of the various roles that comprise the TellicoLife team. If you think you might be interested in helping us out, send a note to [email protected]

The overall coordination for TellicoLife is managed by the TellicoLife Lead.  This job has two components, which will be separate in 2024: Business Lead and Operations Lead. We are currently looking to fill both of these positions for 2024:

The following are job descriptions for the TellicoLife Board:

The following are job descriptions for the team that supports our clubs and organizations