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If you forgot your TellicoLife Username, you can use your email to recover it.  

1.  Click Here: Forgot Username?

  • This same link can be found several other places in TellicoLife, like the Home page and the MemberLogin Page. 

2.  Your screen should look like this.  Enter your email (ex. [email protected]).


3.  If the Email Address entered above is found in TellicoLife, you will receive an email that looks like the following.  In this example, your Username is jahill. 

  • Usernames are NOT case sensitive.
  • This email should arrive in less than 15 minutes.
  • If it does not arrive,  
    • Check your spam folder -or-  
    • The email you entered is not the one found on TellicoLife.  
    • You can try another email or Contact Us for help. 
  • If the Username is blank, a member of your household has registered you for TellicoLife and has not given you a Username.  They can set one up for you, or you can Contact Us for help. 



 If you receive an email like the next example, the email you entered in step 2 is used by multiple TellicoLife Users (probably you and your spouse).  

  • That's perfectly OK for most things.  But in this situation, TellicoLife doesn't know which Username to send to you. 
  • So you will need to Contact Us for help.  
  • Tell us which person's Username you need.  We will email you that information and a link to reset your password, just in case you need that too!