Help! I'm having trouble getting signed into TellicoLife

Sorry about that.  There are just two simple pieces of information that you need to login TellicoLife.  You will need... 

  • Your Username.  If you are a member of one of the clubs or organizations who participate on TellicoLife, ex. HOA or New Villagers, or TV CUC, you were registered on TellicoLife when you joined or renewed your club membership.  
    • Your username is normally your email.  If you do not know your username, Click Here 
    • Tip:  Once you login, you can change your Username to anything meaningful to you, so long as no one else is already using that Username.  (see MyProfile > edit)
  • If your email is shared with someone else in your household (your spouse, for example)... 
    • One of your usernames will be your email. 
    • The other will typically be their first initial followed by last name.  Ex. JHill.
  • Your Password.  Only you know your password.  You will need to set your password for the first time and can reset it at anytime
    • Click Here to use your email to re-set your Password
    • Tip: Make sure its at least 5 characters and secure!
  • If you were not a club member when we launched TellicoLife in May 2017, simply click here to register yourself

Why were existing club members pre-registered for TellicoLife?  Because we brought your paid club memberships to TellicoLife for you, making it easy to register for and pay for events on line, starting in June 2017.

  • On line event registration is a club-by-club event-by-event decision.  
  • Not all events will offer on line registration. 

Revised Jan 17, 2018

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