Can I use one email for both of us?

My husband and I received separate emails to "enroll" in TellicoLife.  Since we share the same email address, is it okay for one of us to sign up instead of both of us?  I'm no computer wizard, she handles all our email... 


Great question and yes you can!

You will still have 2 profiles in TellicoLife, one for each of you, but one of you can manage both.
The reason you have individual profiles is because sometimes couples have different interests.  For example, he might be following golf and she might be following muddy boots.  Your individual profiles are linked together by your "Household (or Organization) Profile" - so you can act for each other in TellicoLife. 
To view each other's profile, login to TellicoLife, navigate to My Profile, and hover over the menu items till you see My Organization.  Your spouse/other members of your household are shown as Linked Profiles. 
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