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Privacy & What is displayed in the Membership Directory

In accordance with the TellicoLife Privacy Policy, the TellicoLife Membership Directory is configured as follows: 

  • You will need to be logged into TellicoLife to see the Membership Directory QuickLink.  The Public does not have access to the Membership Directory. 
  • Your TellicoLife Login enables you to see... 
    • Your personal profile.  You can view & edit your profile and the profile for all members of your household. 
    • For everyone else on TellicoLife, you see only their Name and Picture (if they have chosen to post their picture).
  • Selected members of your club's board and officials have been granted Privileged access to the directory, because they need it to conduct club business. Those members can also see your address, phone, email, and membership in that club. 
    • Ex.  HOA event coordinators have HOA Search  access, which provides visibility to your current HOA Membership status.  
    • Members with Privileged Access sign a Privacy Policy Acknowledgement form, each year.  Here is the form:  TLife - Privacy Policy Form.docx

If at any point you have concerns over how your information is displayed in the directory, you can use your Privacy settings to remove your information from the directory display.  Your privacy settings are located from your Profile menu.  Edit  your privacy settings to "Only Me" on the window below.