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What to do if you are not receiving emails from your club's circle?

This can happen for one or two reasons:

  • Your email system thinks the circle emails are Junk mail
  • Your contact preferences in TellicoLife have Circle Communications turned off.
  1. Check the Spam (and/or Junk) folder in your email program. If a message from MemberClicks is there, click on it, and choose the option Not Spam (Not Junk).
  2. Check the Trash folder in your email program. If a MemberClicks message is there, click on it and move it to your Inbox.
  3. Add the following to your Contacts list: [email protected].
TELLICOLIFE Contact Preferences
Note:  We are using the Garden Club's circle for an example.  You want to do the same thing in your club's circle.
  1. Navigate to the your club's circle and click View/Join the Circle.
  2. Hover on My Profile and click Contact Preferences

Turn all Contact Preferences to Green