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POA Long Range Planning Community Forum

This document describes how to use the POA Long Range Planning Community Forum.  It is divided into sections.

Member Information Section:

Moderator and Admin Information Section:

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What is a Community Forum?

The Community Forum provides an area for users to engage in conversation with one another, share files, and subscribe to their favorite topics. Topics can be organized into Forum Categories, and multiple Forums can exist with the ability to be moderated by a user.   

Member View of the LRP Community Forum

  1. Navigate to the LRP Community Forum
    • The Community Forum is located is in the LRP Committee Home Page
    • You must be logged onto TellicoLife to use the Community Forum
    • We will add the forum access other places as we expand the use of the Community Forum, probably adding as a quicklink in the future. 
  2. Member View
    • From the member perspective, the community forum is an area to bring up new topics (forums), or to reply to existing ones.
    • The forum categories display on the main Forum page, and within them, specific forums related to those categories exist. Inside of each forum, members can post, view, and reply to Topics.

    • In this example, notice that...
      • Marsha Herzog is signed onto TellicoLife and viewing the Community Forum Screen.
      • She can select to view Latest Posts, Only her Posts, or Pending Posts (that she has submitted)
    • The FORUMs are displayed by CATEGORY. 
      • The CATEGORY is POA (notice the black bar separator)
      • The FORUM NAME is POA Long Range Planning
      • There are currently 2 Topics and 3 Posts in the POA Long Range Planning Forum.
      • The Last Post was from the POA LRP Committee, and they posted the Q&A Documents from 2018 for all to see.
      • As additional CATEGORIES and FORUMs are added more FORUMs will appear on this screen.
    • Click on the Forum Title to view the Topics and posts in the forum
    • There are 2 topics in this example:


    • Click New Topic to add a Topic.


      • Name your Topic in the Subject field.  Choose a name that clearly identifies what the Topic is about. The Moderator may change your Topic name to fit within the Forum. 
      • Pose your question or comment in the body of the Topic.
      • Attach a file if you have something to share.
      • Preview the Topic to ensure it is what you want to say.
      • Submit the Topic.
      • The Topic will not appear in the Forum until moderator reviews and approves the Topic. The Moderator is responsible for ensuring the topics and posts are within the forum purpose, appropriate and clearly stated.  They may change your subject or content for the benefit of all forum readers.
    • Click the Topic Name to View the Topic.


      • This Topic was started by Marsha asking a question about What is best in class vision.  The POA LRP Answered that question in the 2nd post.
        • There are on anonymous posts or topics.
        • Replying to the topic would add a new response to the topic list. Replies can include file attachments, which is perfect for meeting minutes, conference notes, etc.
          • POST Reply in black to post a reply to the Topic in general.
          • Use QUICK REPLY to reply to an individual post.
          • REPLYs operate the same as the screen in #4 above.
          • Subscribing to a topic means that anytime a user replies to a specific post, anyone who has clicked "Subscribe" will receive an email with a link to the forum post. Users can view a list of My Subscribes, where they can quickly un-subscribe from any topics no longer relevant to them.
          • Favoriting a topic will add the topic to a user’s My Favorites list. This list is available anytime under My Posts, and can act as a running list of topics a user is interested in revisiting later. Unlike "Subscribe," users won’t receive emails when they favorite a topic, so this is a less intrusive way of staying up to date on topics relevant to you.
          • Give the topic some love with the + and – Karma boxes.
            • + Increases the Karma and moves the post up the list
            • – Decreases the Karma and moves the post down the list.

Additionally, the TellicoLife Search function (upper right corner of the home page) includes Community Forum posts.  So an easy way to find a topic of interest to you is to search on the TellicoLife site.

Be engaged and have fun!

 Moderator Actions and Responsibilities

  1. Moderator(s) will receive an email any time a change is made to the Forum you are moderating. 


    • Click the link to view this topic
    • Edit the subject and content to ensure the Forum topic stays organized, is relevant and appropriate.
    • Moderators can edit or delete any post or topic
    • Users can edit or delete any post or topic the made
    • There is no archive or undo for edits or deletions! So be careful – your changes cannot be recovered!

Configuration of the POA Long Range Planning Community Forum

The POA Community Forum is our first Forum in TellicoLife.  It has been configured as follows:

  1. Category is POA
  2. It is available to all TLife Members
  3. You must be logged into TellicoLife to view the forum. The Forum is not available to the public.
  4. The forum is Moderated, by the LRP Committee Leaders.  3 TellicoLife moderators  are set up for LRP Forum Moderations.  They are:
    • Ed Grollemond
    • Phil Brenner
    • Bruce Palansky
  5. Moderators are assigned to the TLife GROUP User Forum Moderators. 
    • This gives Moderators the ability to edit or delete any forum post or topic.
      • Users have the ability to edit or delete posts or topics that they created.
    • Review is set to YES. The moderators must review and approve the forum topics and posts before they display in the forum. It gives the forum moderators the ability to edit or deny posts that are inappropriate, off topic or unclear.
    • ALL moderators automatically receive and email whenever a new post or forum topic is entered.
      • Since you have multiple moderators, you will want to establish who responds to what (first come first serve, by topic, etc).
    • Users are not Notified and not Auto Subscribed to new topics or posts.  This is because all TLife Members have the ability to post topics and we would not want to email 6000+ individuals whenever a forum change is made.
      • Users may subscribe to a topic to receive emails about that topic. 
    • Posts are displayed within Topics.  Posts are normally displayed by date (oldest first).
      • This is so the question normally precedes the answer.
    • Topics are normally displayed alphabetically. 
      • The Moderator is responsible for keeping the topics organized and clear.
    • Karma is on.  This allows users to favor certain topics and move topics up or down in the list to show their interest.  This will alter the alphabetic listing of topics. I think of it as giving the topic some love…
    • Bad words can be filtered out of the post. 
      • There are no bad words currently filtered out, because the Moderator has that responsibility.