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How do I change my Address?

Your address and other information about you are contained in your TellicoLife profile. Watch this video to learn How to Edit Your TellicoLfe Profile.

Address changes are easy to do, but hard to find. This is because we maintain the address at your Household level, so that all members of the household have the same address.

When you change your address at the household level, you change it once and the system changes the address for all members of the household.

In TellicoLife, your Household is called 'Your Organization'. Yes, we know its "wonky", but some things just are...

Step 1

To change your address, use the Quick Links to navigate to 'My Profile'.

Step 2

Click on My Organization in the dark gray Profile bar.

Step 3

Click the Edit Profile button.

Step 4

Enter your correct address and click the Save Profile button.

Step 5

Logout of TellicoLife and pour yourself a glass of wine.