This article provides instructions for Joining or Renewing your HOA Membership. 
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Tips & Notes

  1. Any browser will get you to   Consider bookmarking it for easy access in the future. 
    • The site can be used on a laptop, tablet or phone.
  2. There are several links to Join HOA.  The QUICKLINK is one of the easiest to find.  
    • Any link that says Join HOA will take you to the same place.
    • If you are logged into TellicoLife, the Quicklink article will show your current memberships.
  3. TellicoLife Login:
    • If you are logged into TellicoLife, you will bypass this screen.
    • Your Username is normally your email, and it appears at the beginning of most emails from HOA.  Your Password is set by you.
    • If you don’t know your username or password, use the Forgot links on this screen.  You will receive an email with instructions on how to recover or reset your username or password.
    • If this is your first time joining a Tellico Village club or organization, you may need to click Register, to register for TellicoLife.
    • If you have trouble finding your username or password, email us at [email protected] or check the HELP menu for additional instructions (search Login).
  4. HOA Membership Form:
    • Read the on-screen instructions.
    • If you elect to Pay by Credit Card, your credit card information will be taken after you complete the registration form, and select Pay Now.  Your CC# is not retained in TellicoLife and is protected by the highest standards in the credit card industry. 
    • If you elect to Pay by Check, you will receive an email with your Invoice and instructions to mail/drop off your check with a copy of your invoice at the Tellico Village Library.
    • Use Register Linked Profile to register each member of your household. 
    • Click the Next button to advance to the next screen.  If the Next button does not advance to the next screen, you have an error in the form.  Scroll up and look for the red error message.
    • When you click Finish, you will receive both an on screen and an email confirmation of your membership.


For updating, use the Word document stored in TellicoLife media library (HOA> Documents).  Save updated versions as both word and pdf back to the media library.