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TellicoLife Governance

TellicoLife was originally organized as an ad-hoc committee under the HOA Charter.  The ad-hoc committee is now the standing TellicoLife board. 

TellicoLife is operated by the Platinum Organizations (founding organizations) using a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the Platinum Organizations.  The MOU is updated annually, or as needed by the TellicoLife Board. 

TellicoLife is governed by 4 groups:  the TellicoLife Board, the TellicoLife Ad-Hoc committees and the Finance Team and the TellicoLife Admin Team. The purpose and responsibilities of each team is summarized below:  

Minutes from team meetings are posted to the TellicoLife > About Us > Governance

The TellicoLife Board 

  • The Board is formed by the Presidents (and designates) from each Platinum organization.
  • A Memorandum of Understanding from the Platinum organizations is renewed annually, and is the basis for this governance structure.
  • Responsibilities are:
    • Policy Decisions
    • Financial Decisions
    • Operational Guidance
      • Provide regular guidance in the capability, use and scope of TellicoLife
      • Ensure the ADMIN team has the support, voice and resources they need to do their work.
    • Establish Annual Goals & Objectives
      • Execute and/or oversee the execution of the Annual Goals & Objectives for TellicoLife
  • The TellicoLife board will meet monthly on the 1st Monday of the month at 9:00am.

The TellicoLife Ad Hoc Committees

  • The Ad Hoc committees work on behalf of the Board to make TellicoLife the best that it can be for the village. 
  • Ad Hoc committees will be established by the board to execute specific projects on behalf of the board.

 The TellicoLife Finance Team

  • The Finance Team manages the CLUB/Organization's finance processes to ensure the money is posted directly and completely to the club's accounts. 
  • The Treasurer of each organization with credit card processing participates in this team. 
  • The team meets when a new treasurer joins the team, and quarterly or as needed through the year. 
The TellicoLife Admin Team
  • The Admin team is the hands-on dedicated folks who manage the entries into the TellicoLife ADMIN site. They post your events, oversee your membership data base and the content you choose to display in TellicoLife. 
  • The Responsibilities are: 
    • Ensure every Admin has the training, common processes, and resources to support their clubs. 
    • By working together, the Platinum Admins share best practices and advance common processes making it easier for them and their members to use TellicoLife. Common processes are not always identical, but will be shared to the maximum extent possible while meeting the objectives of the individual organizations. 
    • Ensure their Club members with privileged access to TellicoLife understand and sign the privacy pledge
  • When organization ADMINs have ADMIN access but to not participate in Admin team meetings, the club primary admin has responsibility to ensure the ADMINs who do not attend the meetings have the information needed, use the common processes and raise any questions or concerns to the team.  
  • For 2021, the ADMIN group has decided to meet the 1st Monday of the month at 1PM and the 3rd Thursday at 2:00.