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TV Garden Club Circle Guide

The Garden club is using a circle to communicate between members. Newsletters, meeting announcements, club emails are sent to TV Garden Club members who have joined the circle.

Circles are like a facebook group, but private and are a shared space to store documents, messages and pictures of importance to the club or organization.

Here's an overview of how circles work:

    1. Garden Club members join the circle.
    2. Any garden club member can post documents or discussions in the circle, but most often the board will post a newsletter, or start a discussion among members.
    3. When a new article, document or discussion is posted to the circle, all members receive an email telling you that the new information is available.
    4. Members wishing to view the information, simply follow the link in the email to open the circle and view the information.
Since the Garden Club circle is open to Garden Club Members only, we need to know who you are before you can view your members only information. You do that by logging into TellicoLife.
Click here for the printable instructions provided to new members

How do I login to TellicoLife?

Go to www.tellicolife.org, click the button and enter your Username and Password in the box that looks like this.

    • Your Username is normally your email.
    • Only you know your password.
    • If you don't know your username or password, click the login button and follow the Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? prompts.

How do I find the TV Garden Circle?

Go to www.tellicolife.org/tvgardenclub and follow the link to Join/Open the TV Garden Club Member only circle.


How do I Join the TV Garden Circle?

Navigate to the TV Garden Club circle, using the instructions above.

If you are a new TV Garden Member, you will see a Join Me link on your circle page. Click that button to join your circle.

    • An email will be sent to the circle owner, requesting approval to join.
    • The Circle Owner will confirm your TV Garden Club membership, then approve your request to join the TV Garden Circle.
    • You will receive an email when you have been approved.




What can I do in the Circle?

Your TV Garden Circle home page looks like the image below. Among the things you can do in your circle are:

    • Review Newsletters and other documents posted by your club
    • Participate in a TV Garden Club discussion
    • Make a comment or ask questions to other TV Garden Club Members
    • Upload or view pictures

What to do if you are not receiving emails from the TV Garden Club circle?

This can happen for one or two reasons:

  • Your email system things TV Garden Club emails are Junk
  • Your contact preferences in TellicoLife have Circle Communications turned off. Junk Mail
  1. Check the Spam (and/or Junk) folder in your email program. If a message from MemberClicks is there, click on it, and choose the option Not Spam (Not Junk).
  2. Check the Trash folder in your email program. If a MemberClicks message is there, click on it and move it to your Inbox.
  3. Add the following to your Contacts list: [email protected].
TELLICOLIFE Contact Preferences
  1. Navigate to the TV Garden Circle: www.tellicolife.org/tvgardenclub and click View/Join the Circle.
  2. Hover on My Profile and click Contact Preferences

Turn all Contact Preferences to Green