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Republican Strong Federated Women


Who we Are?

Republican Strong Federated Women (RSFW) is a nationally recognized Club.  We are chartered by the National Federated Republican Women (NFRW) and are part of the Tennessee Federated Republican Women (TFRW).  We promote Republican values and work within our local, state and federal Party in support of Republican issues and candidates. 

How we differ from other political clubs:  Although a new club, we share a long and rich history with the GOP.  We are a dues paying organization that adheres to a Charter and By-laws.  Our members must be Republicans and our officers must have a proven Republican voting record.

Types of events we are involved in:  The RSFW chairs many committees.  We are active in Grass roots activities such as hosting candidate debates and compiling/distributing candidate biographies during election years.  The RSFW supports our law enforcement and military through our Caring for America and Armed Services Committees.  We are starting a literacy committee and our members are very concerned with the curriculum that is being taught to our school children.  The RSFW is active in community outreach through picnics and other social events.  We hope to engage more with our neighbors as our club grows.

Republican Strong Federated Women on TellicoLife

Calendar events for Republican Strong Federated Women are posted in the TellicoLife Calendar, using the prefix RSFW.


We meet in Tellico Village on the first Tuesday of every month, 5:30 P.M. at the Chota Recreation Center, Room D, 145 Awohili Drive, Loudon, TN, 37774. 

To learn more about Republican Federated Women:

Links for the National and State organizations:
Nation Federated Republican Women:  nfrw.org
Tennessee Federated Republican Women:  tnfrw.org

And for our Club,
Facebook:  Republican Strong Federated Women
Nextdoor:  Republican Strong Federated Women


To access this page directly, bookmark: www.tellicolife.org/republican-strong-federated-women