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New Villager Dinner Parties (In-Home)

This activity provides an opportunity to gather in small groups of 5 to 7 people in each other's homes to share a meal with other New Villagers.

Dinner Parties are assigned on a 3-month rotation.  You will be assigned one month to host and two months as guests.   The goal is to meet as many New Villagers as possible, so each month the dinner party is with different people.

Your responsibility as Host is to provide the entree, a side dish and beverages.  The guests are assigned to provide either an appetizer or a dessert.

The host contacts their assigned guests (in the month prior) to pick a day which works for everyone.  While typically an evening meal, you may be as creative as you wish - any day of the week and any type of dining experience is fine: Sunday brunch, backyard barbecues and even pontoon boat picnics have all been successful!


Sign Up for New Villagers Dinner Parties (In-Home) here

  • You must be a member of New Villagers to sign-up for the next 3 month rotation
  • There is no fee
  • Dinner Parties are Organized 3 months at a time: Feb-Mar-Apr  then May-June-July then Aug-Sept-Oct .
  • Special one month rotations will be held in November and January.  Perfect time to try the Dinner Parties.
  • You are only committed for the 3 month period. 
  • Sign up by pressing the button to the right 

Sign up for the next 3 month rotation Feb, Mar, Apr 



If a 3 month commitment is too long but you would like to give it a try, we could add you to the substitute list. Sign up here for Substitute List 

 Looking for more information?

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Or call the 2019 Coordinator : Dawn McCarthy 865 635 1153  or Geri Bahn 314-435-5875