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New Villagers Cocktails & Games Groups 

Cocktails & Games Groups have arrived at New Villagers!  We’d heard raves about how much fun some New Villagers had with these at their former communities. They are a great way to make new friends and, most importantly, have fun!

Groups will range in size from 8 - 10 people. Couples & singles are welcome. Once a group is formed, the Cocktails & Games Club Coordinators will send out suggestions as to how get started. At the first meeting your group can decide how often and when you want to meet, how you want to rotate hosts, if you want the host to surprise the Group or agree the game beforehand, e.g., an outdoor game or travel to go bowling or if you want to stick to Board games at people homes. To start your creative thinking, more than a dozen games are available in a folder on the NV website, or you can start with a classic like Charades, Pictionary, or Trivial Pursuits.

Each New Villager Cocktails & Games Group is independent so you can agree however you want to do this. The only rule is there are no rules!! Just have fun and get to know other New Villagers.

Stop by the table at the next New Villager Social to learn more

 If you are new to the Village and want to join an existing specific card game, mah jong or Mexican train, please refer to the Recreation Activities List (can be found at both the Wellness Canter and Chota) or post a request on Next Door Neighborhood to see if any existing groups need new members.

Join New Villagers Cocktails and Games Groups

  • You must be a member of New Villagers to join
  • There is no cost, this is included in your one-time New Villagers membership fee
  • Join on-line now or in-person at a new Villagers Social (1st Thurs of the month at the bottom of the Yacht club)
Join NV Cocktails and Games Groups


 Looking for more information?

 Cocktails & Games Group Coordinators:

Annette Sloan           [email protected]                 815-814-8585
Dorie Ballati              [email protected]        847-858-6940
Teri Goldsmith          [email protected]                309-370-4384