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New Villagers Book Clubs

New Villager Book Clubs are always forming.

Do you love to read and then chat (or argue!) about books? If so, you can sign up here. Or you can sign up at our table at the New Villagers Socials.

We will take your contact information and put you in touch with other interested New Villagers as soon as we have a group of six to eight names.

Each group decides where to meet, what to read and how frequently to meet.

Any questions, contact [email protected]


Join New Villagers Book Club

  • You must be a member of New Villagers to join
  • There is no cost, this is included in your one-time New Villagers membership fee
  • Join on-line now or in-person at a new Villagers Social (1st Thurs of the month t the bottom of the Yacht club)
Join NV Book Club



Looking for more information?

2019 Book Club Coordinator:

Linda Arwood (609-304-8528)  [email protected]


Created: 2017
Last Updated: 12/02/2018