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 The Soggy Bottom Kayak Club is dedicated to promoting all paddle sports including kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding.

Activities are planned to allow participants the opportunity to explore the natural resources of the state of Tennessee and beyond but focus on the waterways managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority. Membership is open to anyone having an interest in these paddle sports. Benefits of participation include meeting people of similar interests, fitness, gaining local knowledge of available natural resources and all out fun.

Trips are planned throughout the months of April through November but if the weather allows members may be found paddling in any month. Trips are planned by volunteer guides who pre paddle a selected waterway to make themselves aware of the area and any potential hazard needing attention. Most paddles include an opportunity to share a meal making conversation and sharing experiences.

The Annual Schedule Summary is posted at the top of this website.  Individual trips are detailed on the TellicoLife Calendar of Events, with directions for travel and transportation. Every effort will be made to match people without the gear to transport their vessel with people that can take an extra boat or two. Our goal is to never have a situation where an individual cannot participate because they have no way to get to the particular site of the planned activity. Anyone needing transportation should call Dee Prickett at 865-310-9217.

Join our Group E-List for information about our events, including last minute changes caused by weather or circumstance.

If you have an interest in leading a trip, let Dee Prickett know. Our club is made stronger by shared leadership responsibilities.

If you are new to the sport and would like to learn, contact the Tellico Village Recreation Department or the Soggy Bottom Club. Our goal is to grow the sport and we will help those interested any way we can.

Photos will be in our Circle.  We recommend using NextDoor to make others aware of any equipment that they may want to sell.

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