"Since 1992 Tellico Village and United Way of Loudon County have been partners in raising funding for 28 to 33 non-profits that provide critical social services in Loudon County. To date this partnership has raised over $1.6 million. In addition many Tellico Village residents provide invaluable volunteer support to many of these agencies. Through United Way and their partner agencies, Tellico Village clearly sets the standard of what it means to LIVE UNITED!"
-Judy Fenton (Executive Director, United Way of Loudon County)





 New Year’s resolutions are all about doing good for yourself or others. A good way to fill that objective is with a donation to the Loudon County United Way. It will greatly assist those of us less fortunate in dealing with the problems generated by COVID 19 and the associated economic dislocations that are affecting many in the county.


Our partner agencies are all organizations, that in one way or another, are assisting those with these type problems. Be it help with food, dealing with medical or mental issues, housing or utility issues or any number of other serious problems, these partners are on the frontlines of helping.


Unfortunately, this is shaping up to be the second year in a row where we may not make our goal. Last year we fell short by about $16,000. At the current rate of donations, $55,000 to date, we may well miss the $100,000 goal by an even greater percentage. We realize that there are significant agencies and organizations competing with us for your charitable donations. All are worthwhile but with UW, your donations reach multiple service organizations, thus, in fact, providing significant leverage to your donation. So if you have not already done so please make a donation, whatever the amount.


There are three ways in which you can donate. You can use the pledge form that was included with the letter you received some time ago and mail your donation to UW c/o Judy Gibbons at 216 Talah Lane. You can save the cost of a stamp by going online to or call 865-532-9131 Ext 572 to make your donation.


Again we appreciate your support in helping us reach our goal and helping your less fortunate neighbors.


We realize there are many demands on you for donations. With your donation to United Way you extend your reach to the 26 agencies we support. So if you have not already done, so please donate. THANKS for your support.





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About 17 years ago boating was becoming popular for the residents of TV and with it a corresponding rise in incidents occurring on the lake. These included accidents, mechanical problems, fuel shortages and in some cases medical emergencies. At the time there was no AAA-like organization to help these boaters in distress. A group of villagers came up with the idea of forming an organization that could respond to these type emergencies and in 2002 formed TBART. One of the immediate problems the organization faced was financial and specifically, finding enough funds to pay for required insurance. It turned to UWLC which immediately provided a several thousand dollar grant to fund the insurance required to commence operations. Based on this it can be literally stated that UWLC did, in fact, help TBART get started.

Another TV organization that UWLC provided seed money to start was STAYinTV. In 2011 as the concept of it was being fleshed out, UWLC, along with several service organizations in the village, provided funds to get it off the ground. In the case of UWLC it amounted to a grant of $1,500. In 2014 the concept of the Rides Program of STAYinTV was being developed. One critical need was software to manage and coordinate the rides requests with the available drivers. This required computer assistance and UWLC funded the initial requirement with a $1,000 grant. Several years later the need for funding for computer support arose again and UWLC provided another grant, this time $500, to fund the need. 

The lesson that emerges from these stories is that UWLC stands ready to help providing services to the Loudon County community. It can only do this if you generously donate to UWLC. Another important lesson is that UWLC stands ready to return the collected funds to serve a need of the residents of Tellico Village when it arises.

If you want to discuss this or other issues about United Way use the link on Nextdoor to the 2019 United Way Campaign group at

There are three ways you can donate:

  • the simplest way is to use the link posted below to make credit card donation:
  • use the payment form you received in the mail and send a check to UWLC;
  • if you have not made your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your IRA contact your financial Advisor and use it to make a donation. 

As this report notes, your donation helps not only Tellico Village residents but others in the county with problems. Your support is appreciated. THANK YOU.

Our experience tells us the best way to help the most people is to focus on the underlying causes of the most serious problems. Here in our community, we’re focused on critical issues like:
  • helping individuals have access to healthcare
  • providing children and adults with education and life skills
  • ensuring basic needs and emergency services are available
It takes the whole community working together to reach our goals in these areas. So we bring people together from all across the community— government, business, faith groups, non profits, and concerned citizens. If it requires fund-raising or getting people to work together, that’s what we do.

Your United Way contribution works to bring lasting change right here because that’s what matters

Last year, your gift to United Way touched the lives of 1 in 5 people in our community. Thanks to your support, seniors were able to remain independent, children received new clothes for school, and families received emergency assistance with food, medicine, and utilities.

United Way’s priorities reflect our community’s changing needs. Throughout the year, United Way is mobilizing trained volunteers to study those needs, and only after careful consideration, do they choose to invest resources where they will get measurable results.

United Way works diligently and responsibly to maximize our donors’ investments. By partnering with volunteers to assist in the annual campaign and encouraging collaboration among our community partners, United Way is able to ensure that your gift has a greater impact.

Nothing is more important to us than the trust and confidence of our donors. As the leading charitable institution in our community, representing their wishes is critical to our continued success. At United Way, we know that trust can never be assumed–it is earned.

Whether you donate your time or give through the annual campaign, your United Way contribution is an investment in our community.

Making an individual gift or giving through your employer's charitable giving campaign to the Community Care Fund is the easiest and most powerful way to improve lives.

Your contribution, no matter how great or small, makes a difference. When combined with the gifts of others, you are supporting a coordinated network of health and human services that are changing lives for at-risk kids, senior citizens, people with disabilities, and many more of your friends and neighbors.

By focusing our community's resources on the most pressing needs,we are able to provide solutions and make a lasting impact right here in our community. That's the strength of the United Way.

United Ways work with volunteers and local nonprofits to develop the best opportunities for youth, bust working adults, and seniors to serve. For more information on how you can get involved, click HERE.

By calling 211, our region's information referral line, your family and friends can find assistance. Click HERE for more information.

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